Europe Standard Full Downdraft Paint Cabin Spray Paint Booth for Auto/Furniture

Full Downdraft Auto Paint Spray Booth

Spray paint booths represent one of the greatest improvements made toward cost-effective productivity in modern manufacturing. You maybe have some items to paint in a spray booth, like cars, trucks, boats, planes, parts and furniture, no matter what size, industry or application, we can design to fit your needs.
This car paint booth is considered as the most ideal model for the auto repair shops of our customers from home and abroad. It is usually applicable for both car repair factories and common car 4S shops in those countries or regions where the environmental protection is demand.

We are the manufacturer of different kinds of spray booth for 20 years , according to customers requirements , we can design the best solution for you , and show you the 3D drawing , then you can know more clearly about the spray booth /preparation bay / powder coating booth / baking oven you need .

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Post time: Jun-17-2022