Economy Spray Booth Paint Booth Car Spray Room Auto Baking Booth Original Factory Produce

This car spray booth gives stable working performance. It can provide the car paint spraying process with the desirable workspace. Our product is considered as the most ideal model for the auto repair shops of our customers from home and abroad. It is usually applicable for both car repair factories and common car 4S shops in those countries or regions where the environmental protection is demand.

  1. Two 4 KW fans can offer the supply air volume of ut so 240000. Moreover, eco-friendly cabinets I adopted. Inside it, 7.5Kw exhaust fan for optional. In this way, the air exhaust can be provided with the eco-friendly function. And the air

Capacity can reach 20000. It is also conductive to the discharging of paint mist and the filtering of waste gas. Then, the spray booth obtains the micro-positive pressure, and the paint spraying effect is optimized.

  1. Three ramps give much convenience for the entry of the cars of various wheelbase size.
  2.  A microcomputer serves to control the electric cabinet with human-oriented design and gorgeous appearance,
  3.  For pretty safe operation, the furnace is equipped with pressure relief device.
  4. The side lights are used to increase the intensity of illumination to 1000Lux. No ghosting is produced during the paint spraying process.DSC_0146_副本1

Post time: Jun-01-2022