How To Know The Low Quality Spray Booth

How To Know The Low Quality Spray Booth


Be Careful To Low Quality Spray Booth.

These spray booth has several points.

No.1 The ESP density is very low,so the wall panels are very weak.The two sides of wall panel without steel cover.?

No.2 The steel frames,steel sheet,ramps are very thin,the whole spray booth is around 1.8 Tons(when the spray booth has basement,2 sets of centrifugal inlet and 1 set of outlet fan). LONGXIANG spray booth is 3.2 Tons with same specifications. LONGXIANG spray booth weight can reach 3.8T to 4.0T with turbo fans.

No.3 The cheap brand light tubes,easy to damage.

No.4 The bad painting or no painting decoration. Most of LONGXIANG spray booth parts are treated by powder coating.

No.5 Cheap or fake electric components in the control panel.


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Post time: Nov-25-2019