Longxiang spray booth Advantages

Ventilation of the spray booth:

Spray booth has several ventilation systems which provide better painting conditions. Allthe filter systems and air exhaust systems undemeath create a efiently vertical air flow;and this air flow distribute inside of the booth evenly; then this air flow make overspray re-moving away from the vehicle immediately and completely.
Air recirculation on baking model:
100% of the air produced by the fan is transported into LONGXIANG spray booth duringthe baking model; and only 15%-20% is expelled outside which means the balance85%-80% is recovered and flld up with fresh air by means of the changeover damper.
The inner temperature of the spray booth raises rapidly; Then the heating system willpower off at once when it reaches at baking temperature, this will save more energy.

The lighting system is provided by four*16W light fixed in the ceiling panels and side walls.They are sealed with 5mm tempered safety glass. LONGXIANG spray booth lighting system is able to supply enough lighting with lower energy consume safely.

The fitering system is made up by highefficiency filters. The filers hold higher dust reten-tion capacity and lower resistance to the air passage. The long life designing reduces fre-quency of replacement, which is contributing to reductions in running costs.


Our equipments except quick-wear-parts are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of re-ceipt, and the flters and lamps are quick-wear-parts. 

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Post time: Dec-10-2021