Longxiang Spray booth application & principle for painting and baking function

Spray booth  Application

When painting, the external air is filtered by the primary filter and sent to the roof by the fan, and then filtered and purified by the top filter for a second time.The air in the room adopts the full-drop type, flowing downward at the speed of 0.2-0.3m/s, so that the spray particles cannot stay in the air after painting, but are directly discharged from the room through the outlet at the bottom.

Such ceaseless cycle changes, make the air inside the room when spray bakes paint cleanness amounts to 98% above, and the air that sends has certain pressure, can form a constant airflow around the car in order to remove excessive paint, ensure the quality of spray paint thereby utmost ground.

When baking, adjust the air door to the position of baking, hot air circulation, the car spray baking room temperature quickly rose to the predetermined drying temperature (55-60).Fan will be filtered at the beginning of external fresh air after heat exchange with the heat converter to the auto spray paint the roof of the chamber, after a second filtration purification, circulate in hot air passes through the throttle action, in addition to breathe in a small amount of fresh air, most of the hot air heated by continue to use again, make the room of the lacquer that bake temperature gradually increased.

When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops;When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and burner automatically open, so that the temperature in the baking room remains relatively constant.Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the baking room automatically shut down, the end of baking.




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