Longxiang spray booth ventilation system air fan knowledge

Ventilation System:
It includes the air intake fan and air exhaust fan.
To give the most reasonable fan combination according to calculation. We usually use 2 kinds of fan, one is centrifugal fan, the other is turbo fan. Centrifugal fan is with inside motor, and price is cheaper than turbo fan. Turbo fan is with outside motor, with large air capacity and stronger.
For the motor, it must be copper. , the using life is more than 10 years. And the technology for the fan, the most important is to adjust the dynamic balance. 
Conclusion: Ventilation system can be seen the heart of the spray booth. And the main part is the fan.
Not the same appearance then we will have the same quality. And the technology to adjust the air flow is also very important.

Post time: Jun-25-2021