Spray booth suggestion

Usually we suggest to have a micro positive pressure inside the booth, that requires the engineer to equip appropriate
fan to form ventilation and then generate pressure inside the booth.
The advantages are as below:
1. The spray booth will have enough clean and fresh air inside.
When painting, worker inside needs fresh air for breath. Because I think few workers will wear oxygen supplied work suit.
2. When painting, we need absolutely clean air. otherwise the dust particle will stick to the surface to influence the painting effect.
3. If it is micro positive inside the booth, the emergency door(service door) will open easily,
so that can help worker escape if there was a fire disaster.
4. It will also protects the spray booth. It doesn’t matter if only intake fan working,
the extra pressure will be exhausted from the air outlet. That’s why some economical spray booths
are only with air intake fan. But if only with exhaust fan, it is very dangerous for the spray booth. It will be sucked down.
Spray booth is not an artwork, when you buy, please not only focus on appearance. Even all the spray booths look the same, and specifications are always similar. Please chat with the people to see if they are professional enough.

Post time: May-11-2021