Things to pay attention to when painting furniture in the paint room.

The furniture paint booth is a device that paints and dries the surface of the equipment. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the paint when using the furniture paint booth, and it is necessary to follow certain specifications when cleaning the paint booth. The follows is some points when painting:

Before brushing the oil, remove the dust, oil and other impurities on the base of the furniture paint booth.
when the oil powder is applied, it is necessary to apply it on the surface of the polishing base with cotton thread, and rub it back and forth by hand;
when brushing should meet the requirements of more times, less oil, operation, and smooth brushing;
When brushing the oil, the brush should be easy and natural, and the fingers should be lightly applied. When moving, there should be no loose or falling brush.

In addition, when painting the furniture paint room, it should also be carried out in the order of first going up, down first, then difficult, then left first, then right, first inside and outside. Only by ensuring the correctness of the order can the completion be more beautiful and neat.
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Post time: Nov-30-2019