1.What is spray booth/paint booth/painting cabin/paint camera/painting room ?

Spray Booth is used to supply a clean&dust free environment for painting and drying on surface, not only used in automobile, it can be used with everything that needs to deal with surface, such as bus, truck,furniture and some industrial parts.

2.What is Spray booth function ?

Spray booth supplies a closed environment not only for having a good effect on surface treatment, but also protecting our environment. The paint mist will not be exhausted to outside directly, it will be stopped by 3-4 types filter to make sure clean air is exhausted.

3.What is spray booth composed of ?

A spray booth is mainly composed of basement, room body, ceiling system, ventilation system, lighting system, heating system and control panel. Just tell us the model you are interested , we will send you detailed quotation .

4.How does the spray booth works?

--A: When you need painting,turn on the air blowers,the air intake from upside,downside exhaust wind,thus enables the circulation of the air inside the spray booth.

--B :When you need baking,turn off the air blowers,and turn on the infrared lamps.The car paint takes about 30mins to dry.

5.How often we change the air filter cottons?

-This is based on your working environment and machine using time . Normally The pre-filter replacement frequency is about 70-100 working hours,while the ceiling high efficiency filter  suggested to change 350-450 working hours.

6.What's the advantage of electric infrared heating spray booth?

--Far infrared heating do no harm but good to human body; electric lamp is easy to set up and easy to operate,less power consumption than diesel fuel or gas heating spray booth.

7.What is your delivery date?

Normally we will ship you our standard specifications goods about 7-10 days after receiving your payment. It depends on the quantities you order.

8.Can you design the spray booth according to our requests?

Actually The standard model is matured product and based on successful design by our engineer . We recommend you choose standard model first . If must be customised model , we will also design for you .

9. How about your company ?

We are direct factory since 2000 . With high quality machine , good service & price ,honest business style, we have exported to more than 60 countries and have distributors in different countries .

Even we never faced , but we are trusted . Also you are warmly welcome to visit our real factory ,welcome to our hometown , Welcome to China !